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Our Story

Our Inspiraton

Our journey began back in 2019 when it felt like it was very much "same problem, different day". We thought enough was enough, and knew this was never going to get better without drastic change. So we thought about what we could do to achieve the goal to become debt free and have a blank canvas to work from.

After a very thought-out plan we decided to take a closer look at the finances. It was the first step towards noticing a pattern and identifying where we could cut back to make our money stretch further. We have all heard of the saying "Work smarter, not harder" and that is what we did, but not before working as hard as we could.

2019 was a very tough year. In the first seven months we were working ninety-five hours a week just to reduce the outstanding debt. This was really tough, but a worthy life lesson which made us appreciate how hard work does pay off. We pumped every extra pound towards reducing our overall debt and eventually reduced this by a huge 60%. However, we knew this was not sustainable and soon burnt out mentally and physically. Eventually, we had to drop these hours back down to a manageable amount of forty per week!

We knew that working forty hours was never really going to touch the sides when it came to paying off this debt, so we had to re-think our strategy and put a plan in place. The initial idea we had was to built a spreadsheet of all our expenses and how much we were bringing in. It was clear that overspending was a huge issue. Even the little treats here and there soon mounted up. These things were not important and could have been paying off this debt. As you'll know the sooner debts are paid, the better, as interest is added each month until paid off in full. Paying this off earlier will save you loads of money and hard work.

Certain debts are classed as good debts like Mortgages, Cars & Businesses. These are called assets, but simply borrowing money for luxuries like catalogues and items bought via hired purchase is a no no! These are crippling, and sometimes cant be prevented, but taking action to pay these off quicker can really benefit you financially. We know from experience the frustration of these types of debts!

Going back to our spreadsheet, we noticed that keeping a close eye on our finances was the key, and what a help it has been! We wish we had done this sooner. We don't want anyone to go through the same thing, so we want to put our expertise to good use and train as many people as possible to this way of life. To this day, the only debt we have is our Mortgage & Car. No more unwanted debt, we also managed to save for our wedding! This wouldn't have been the case if this was not put in place at the crucial time.

We may have reached our goals, and even done more then we expected in such little time, but we still use this method today. We let our saving grow and this has helped us feel comfortable enough to now start our family.

We know the world does not revolve around money, but you can't do anything without it. We all know chasing money takes up way too much time, and before you know it, your children have grown up and having children of their own. Time is precious not money. However, to achieve this you have to be financially stable. It's that "catch 22" we all hear about all the time.

We will forever live by these words:

"Money does not buy you happiness, but money does buy you the freedom to be happy"

Join us today and get on your journey to financial freedom...

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